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Daily Dose / All Those Rose Petals

Today's inspiration comes in the form of this photo I found in one of my old sketchbooks. I wish I remember who designed the dress.. makes me think of spring.

Issey Miyake

World-renowned fashion designer Issey Miyake turns 75 today. Sometimes referred to as "the godfather of Japanese fashion," Miyake is famous for his creativity, innovation and ground breaking ideas. I love his use of color and the structural quality of his designs.

Can you believe the white dress below (third image) is made from one single piece of fabric?

Images from Issey Miyake:
S/S 2012 collection
1993 Pleats Please line
S/S 1990
S/S 1994


This remix is almost better than the original. And it's addicting.

Sand & Smoke


Paper Sculptures

I was really impressed by these paper sculptures by Anna Wili Highfield. Imagine making these life-like creatures out of paper.. I especially love the wings on the owl.

Visit www.annawilihighfield.com to learn more about the artist.

Dragonflies / McQueen

Pretty sure I died a little when I saw this silk satin dragonfly clutch from Alexander McQueen. Perfect for pairing with electric blue hues this spring..

image: Wendy's Lookbook