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Paper Sculptures

I was really impressed by these paper sculptures by Anna Wili Highfield. Imagine making these life-like creatures out of paper.. I especially love the wings on the owl.

Visit www.annawilihighfield.com to learn more about the artist.

Through Broken Glass

Artist: unknown

Tiffany & Co. / Video

The amazing Danny Roberts of Igor + André - this man is such an inspiration (!) Here is a video of Danny painting a mural outside Tiffany & Co. in Soho this summer.  Those of you who follow his blog may have already seen this (somehow I missed it) but anyway, it's worth a look !

Photo: Nick Bowser

The White Sky

Stefano Bonazzi is an Italian artist who creates digital compositions.  His surrealist images are often dark, making references to dreaming worlds or nightmares.  This image, titled The White Sky is hauntingly beautiful.  The face is covered, as it is in most of his works, and the image tells a story though its dream-like surrealism.

To see more of his work, visit stefanobonazzi.it

The White Sky by Stefano Bonazzi

Like A Restless Wind

Stella Im Hultberg is my art inspiration for today.  I really like the colors in this painting.  It reminds me of autumn, and even though it's the middle of summer, I like the feel of it anyway.

Dagens konstinspiration.  Älskar de varma färgerna.  Får höstkänsla av den här bilden och det kanske inte är så passande, men gillar den starkt ändå.

Stella Im Hultberg - Like A Restless Wind

Haute Couture

When feeling whimsical..