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Watercolor / Pink

Watercolor / Yellow


Watercolor / Blue

Watercolor / Orange


Sand & Smoke


In My Sketchbook

Mid-february and I'm craving spring-wear. Colors and prints? Yes, thank you. Give me green, orange, blue, yellow, red... anything that isn't black. I'm so inspired by all the vibrant prints we've seen on the runways this season. I usually opt for darker shades in my designs, but most of my sketches lately are bright and full of color.. More to come!


Sea Lion Woman

In my sketchbook:


Glass House

Moodboard / in my sketchbook

Teal Eyes

A work in progress

Black Hat & Shades

"Wayfarer", pencil and ink on paper, 2011

Spray Paint

"Spray paint", Mixed media on canvas, 2010

inspired by Ruven Afanador photo


When I was in Minnesota this summer I was reunited with some of my artwork that I had left at my brother's when I moved to Sweden.  One of the paintings was this self-portrait that I painted 2006.

Self-portrait, acrylic on masonite, 2006

Freckles & Fringe

I've always had a thing for drawing/painting portraits - which initially sparked my interest for fashion sketching.  This is a sketch I made a while ago using pencil and charcoal.

Jag har alltid gillat att måla porträtt - vilket väckte mitt intresse för modeskissande.  Den här tecknade jag med blyerts och kol.