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Glad Påsk från Visby!

Nordic Youth

Scandinavia S/S/A/W

5000 different images of Frida Gustavsson, one for each copy of the 7th issue - no two issues have the same cover. 


Photography by Andreas Öhlund for Scandinavia S/S/A/W



Flies Like A Dragon

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a fan of insects or anything remotely insect-like. But this little guy may have just changed my mind. 

Sommar-trollslända i Öregrund

If you like piña coladas

On days like this where it feels like summer is oh so far away, I like to dream myself back to Italy.  I wouldn't mind being there right now, sipping drinks whilst wearing a little summery dress and sandals. It feels like it's been forever since my feet were in anything but boots. My feet miss sandals and I miss summer. You know the piña colada song? So awful and cheesy. But catchy. And I want one of these right now..

Bring me a couple of these, and summer too, please.


Happy Valentine's Day

Spread some love today

Third Planet



Photo: Cole Rise


Ann-Sofie Back shirt at Weekday
For Christmas?

Snowed In


Below Zero

The Grey Concept

The Grey Concept launches tomorrow in select H&M stores and online.  Previous Grey collections have only been for guys, but this one includes women's pieces as well.  Seems fitting to launch this collection now during the cold, dark months when many of us are opting for black and grey wear.

What do you think of all the greyness?

If you're interested, you can view more from the collection here.

31 October

Started the day off with pancakes and yoga.  Now lunch with a friend and then I'm going to spend the rest of the day painting.  This orchid will serve as today's color inspiration.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

Vogue Italia

The reason I'm not studying right now?  This magazine is in my possession and it's just too hard to resist flipping through the glossy pages.  I wish I could read Italian, but the gorgeous images in this issue speak volumes.  I really like the baroque-inspired black and gold coat to the right.. maybe not everyday wear, but I still wouldn't mind having it in my closet.

In a Sea of Leaves

Yellow leaves and sunlight on a frosty Sunday afternoon.

boots - Steve Madden <> coat - WERA Stockholm <> bag - vintage

In This Place

I want to stay

Take Me On A Trip

In just a few short hours I will re-visit one of my favorite places and I could not be more excited (!)

Till älsklingsstället med älsklingen

Gearing Up

There's definitely a chill in the air - winter is just around the corner.  When it gets here, I'll be ready.  I found these things the other day (I'll post a better picture of the coat soon) :

headbands from Åhlens <> gloves from H&M <> coat from WERA


These arrived at my door the other day.  The  boots fit perfectly (!) but the height of the heel will take some getting used to.  I really like the dress - it's simple and the folds in the front make it a little more interesting.  The color is nice, a bit unusual.

Ps what do you think of my squirrel-on-a-branch wall hooks?  They're from Designtorget.  They also have birds, but I figured I already have enough birds around the apartment..

dress from H&M <> shoes from ZARA

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