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Black Lips & Tie-dye

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Butterflies and Hurricanes
model: Edita Vilkeviciute
photo: David Vasiljevic
for Muse #11

Witches Incantation
model: Nimue Smit
photo: Txema Yeste
for Numéro China #17

If you like piña coladas

On days like this where it feels like summer is oh so far away, I like to dream myself back to Italy.  I wouldn't mind being there right now, sipping drinks whilst wearing a little summery dress and sandals. It feels like it's been forever since my feet were in anything but boots. My feet miss sandals and I miss summer. You know the piña colada song? So awful and cheesy. But catchy. And I want one of these right now..

Bring me a couple of these, and summer too, please.

Mirror Mirror


Lars Wallin / Fashion Stories

Last weekend I visited Västerås art museum and caught a last glimpse of the Lars Wallin exhibition before it closed.  Displayed were 20 years of Wallin's stunning couture, costumes, jewelry, sketches and photographs. I snapped some photos with my phone and the the quality is meh.. but the clothes are so beautiful I'm going to show them anyway.
Here are some of my favorites:



Through Broken Glass

Artist: unknown



All washed out