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A Dream of Spring

I know I keep writing posts about spring, but it's just so dark and cold here that my mind wanders off to future warmer times. Right now my dreams of spring look a little something like this:

DvF Spring 2013

I really like how saturated the colors in the first look are. Last spring I made a skirt in a similar shade of turquoise.  The last look, I wouldn't mind wearing tonight.  It's almost too much with all the dots, but at the same time it somehow works.

What are you going to be wearing when spring rolls around?

images: DVF.com


jag älskar den sista!:)

2012-11-05 @ 12:23:03
URL: http://liborius.blogg.se
Angela Donava

awesome collection!!
like the colurs!!
Angela Donava

2012-11-05 @ 19:31:49

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